Trainer/Dietitian/Coach <=> Client communication platform

Trainer and dietitians can design and assign plans to their clients right from their laptop while clients can follow it on their phone. They can also log into the system what they are eating and which exercise they are doing. Plus, the app gets data automatically from various sources such as Apple HealthKit. Then trainer/dietitian can check logs and statistical reports (generated by the web app) on their laptop and do changes in the plan accordingly. Right now, all this is done on some paper cards or booklets.

Staff and Classes management

A big fitness club usually has 100+ part-time / full-time professionals associated with them who take group classes, personal training sessions and group sessions. With 100s of various types of classes running every week, things such as change in schedule, temporary substitution of instructor, permanent change in instructor, etc. is very common. Managing all this and making sure customer-facing data is automatically updated, besides being well organized is a challenge. Disruptive Wellness Platform For Health Clubs Chain software makes all of this very smooth.


We have made a blend of social networking features from websites such as facebook and features provided by online forums to make “fitness networking” where everybody in the fitness clubs (CEO, management, trainers, dietitians, coaches, members) can stay connected with each other. There are so many features such as sticky posts, ability for coach to form private groups - one for each of his group of clients who take training together and communicate with them by posting messages, articles, videos, pictures (while coach, his manager or club manager having complete visibility and control over what’s going on).

Multi-tenant Database Architecture

This product is used by multiple fitness club and keeping data of each fitness club well separated from each other is very important. But deploying and maintaining a separate server for each fitness club is not practical. With 100s of tables in the MySQL database, it’s very difficult to keep data of multiple fitness clubs separate. To address this issue, we have implemented multi-tenant database architecture.

3rd party integration

We have integrated this product with 16 other products such as Google Calendar, Facebook, Apple HealthKit, ABC Financial, SmartPin, MixPanel, health monitoring devices, etc.