A comprehensive system app to sell your homes via listings

BidMyListings is a platform where homeowners can list their home and have it bid on by motivated real estate agents who will pay the homeowners upfront for the right to be their real estate agent. Homeowners list their homes to sell and Agents/Brokers pay them for listing. Available as a web app as well as mobile app - iOS and Android.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Bid or counter bid to obtain listings
  • Simple to build profiles within the app
  • Favorite and save homes that are to your liking
  • Get real-time alerts of property listings available for sale in your area
  • Inspect the property and sign a contract before bid payment is processed

Bidding Screen for Homeowners & Brokers -

BidMyListing charges a certain commission upon any successful bid transaction that goes through. For example, you “Accept” a bid for $1,000 for your listing and decide the commission at 15%, then you would keep $850 (85%) and pay BidMyListing $150 (15%) for the transaction. Important: You are only charged a 15% fee if the transaction is successful.

Push Notifications & Listing Details

BidMyListing provides real estate agents the ability to bid and buy real estate listings. Using the BidMyListings app, real estate agents can buy real estate listings through a bidding process. They can set push notifications through the BidMyListing app for alerts whenever a potential listing is going on the market which helps them immediately bid on it. BidMyListings notifies them when an offer made on a listing is either Accepted, Rejected or Countered by the homeowner.

Similarly, Homeowners can list their homes on the app, allowing brokers to buy the listing by bidding. Homeowners get notified about all the biddings on their listing after which they decide which bid they would like to accept based on factors like Highest bid, Agent Experience and Rating Location. Homeowners can also “Accept”, “Reject”, or “Counter” bids on their listing.

Integrated payment processing systems

BidMyListings integrates Stripe, PayPal, and ACH for processing payments. It directly releases the funds to the homeowner, making the process of paying and receiving funds simpler.