Purpose & Vision

The story behind the foundation of CakeSoft Technologies goes a few years back in time when the entrepreneur within the Co-Founders made them resign from their jobs to chase their dreams.

They developed a prototype & sought help from software companies for further development. The experience was not good as the proposal/estimate was unrealistic. High quote, no assurance & loopholes which ensured the delay in delivery.

Hence, they turned to freelancers. However, lack of collaboration, poor quality and no ownership resulted in a bad experience yet again.

Having walked on both the paths, they felt the need to establish a company to help SMBs & entrepreneurs like themselves to conquer their dreams.

How We Do for More

Why CakeSoft?

As a Top Web, Mobile, PWA development company in Pune, we follow defined coding standard
recommended by great computer scientists and ensure that we write good quality code. As a result, we achieve:

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Good quality code

We provide the best code quality by writing code that is readable, reusable, maintainable and efficient.

Reliability & Ownership

We take full responsibility and ownership of the code, thus exhibitting honesty and reliability which helps form a great bond of trust.

Well-organized code

We maintain a developer-friendly & well-organized code which can be easily understood by new developers who take over projects from previous developers.


Our best software architecture will help your server scale up to serve millions of users without any glitches, thus guaranteeing high availability of your app.

Low memory and power usage

Since we follow the best software engineering principles, we develop apps that consume least RAM and battery, which ensures longevity of the app.


Good software development practices make the entire process of integrating additional features in the app very smooth. We take preventive measures to make sure the code is bug-free and sans-error while doing modifications.
So apart from giving the desired output, we also make software great from inside!