An Intensive Educative platform for learning English

Blab is an English learning platform made available for people across the world who want to learn English or want to improve their spoken English skills from tutors all the way from the US. There are 2 types of users - students and tutors - who use this mobile app, available in IPhone and Android.


Multiple programs & packages

Blab offers multiple programs like below 1) Casual Talk 2) Conversational English 3) English Tutoring 4) Student Counseling 5) Onboarding Studies and other various programs to choose from depending upon the user/student interest. Fees are charged on an hourly or per session basis.

Various topics for discussion & sessions details

There are various topics a user/student can select for a particular session. Sessions page is maintained of all the sessions/interactions of the particular user.

User & Admin Panel

User panel comprises of editing settings, payments (integrated with Stripe), inviting friends, checking their sessions etc. Admin panel is available for backend management for adding users, maintaining topics and sessions related, payment details etc.