Create Showing or Tour

Create a showing request, or two, or three, or more… SHOW allows hiring broker to create a schedule for one or more showings. So one SHowing Broker can show multiple properties to the buyers.

Realtime showing service

Once the showing broker has accepted showing Hiring Brokers are notified that your showing has been accepted. As a showing broker, once you’ve accepted a showing, the showing will populate showing itinerary where Showing Broker can easily access scheduled appointments. This is also where clock in, clock out and find all of the property information. Also hiring broker you will have a LIVE view of when the showing is taking place.

Feedback for every showing

Once the showing is complete, the showing broker will clock out and send a feedback form on each specific property which house your buyer liked the best. At the time the showing broker clocks out and submits feedback Hiring Broker will be charged an hourly flat rate and the showing broker will be compensated.

Stripe, Wallet, Payments

We have implemented Stripe for charges and payments, where Charging Hiring Broker and Compensating Showing broker is seamless. Allowing users to add Credit / Debit card for payments with Stripe, you can modify, set default, add payment methods. Whereas Stripe Connect allows Brokers to get paid direct to their bank accounts.