Purpose & Vision

Story behind foundation of CakeSoft Technologies goes few years back in time when the entrepreneur inside Co-Founder's made them leave their jobs to chase their dream.

They developed a prototype & looked out help from software companies for further development. Experience was bad as proposal/estimate was unrealistic. High quote, no assurance & loopholes in clauses (enabling delays valid).

Then we turned to freelancer's. Experience was not great this way either.As this path lacks quality and responsibility, no collaboration.

Walking on both paths we felt a need to set up a company to help SMBs, entrepreneurs like us conquer their dreams.

How We Do for More

Why CakeSoft?

We follow defined coding standard recommended by great computer scientists and write good quality
Code. As a Result, We Achieve:

Good quality code

Reliability & Ownership

Well-organized code

We organize code very well so that even if our engineers working on your apps leave the organization, other engineers will be able to take over the project smoothly.


Does your app involve server interaction? Because of good software architecture, your server will be able to support millions of users without any problem.

Low memory and power usage

People uninstall apps that consume more RAM and battery. Because of good software architecture, your apps will consume least RAM and battery – compared to if they would have been developed without keeping in mind software engineering principles.


After the product is developed and almost all bugs are removed, clients often ask us to add more features. Adding more features at such point of time shoots up bug count and makes software unstable. But because of our good software engineering practice, we prevent this from happening.
So apart from giving desired output, we also make software great from inside!